Thursday, July 3, 2014

The whole world is waiting. Waiting for a train,a a bus or a plane to take them to a place where they could be happy, or to someone they think will complete them. The truth is we're all waiting for something. Anything. Anything that would make our life a bit more bearable. Or waiting for time to pass because maybe things will be better in the future. Do we ever consider that sometimes good things don't come to those who wait but to those who do? Sure, some things do come with time. Responsibility, privileges, respect, driver's licenses, approved university applications... They all come with time. But to be able to earn all those things you have to do a bit of work; no one will give you more responsibility or respect if you don't show them you're worthy of it. Driver's licenses and university applications need some TLC - pulling out the car every now and then and studying 3 days a week is not going to cut it. In the same way, happiness comes with accepting where we are at and doing the work today so that tomorrow will be better. Waiting for a new day to break isn't going to make it come sooner and it certainly will not make it better than today. You have nothing to lose if you decide to get off your couch, put off the tv and the computer, and get your dreams on the track to becoming reality.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Failed. Failing. Failure. We all have moments in our life when we think we've totally blown it. Sometimes people close to us blow it. It can be hard to get over the shock of not succeeding but its part of life. We can't always succeed because then we would never know how to make things right, or how to learn from our mistakes and short comings. Success does teach us something but our mistakes encourage us to deal with life and its failures as well as keeping us humble.

If you are currently failing I can relate to that. I have been a very bad student, friend and daughter. The only I am currently succeeding at is music. In all honesty, I am still haunted by my previous success and failure. Kind of stupid telling you that you should "deal with it and move on" if I'm stuck, I know. I'm trying, so this is pretty much me encouraging myself. Knowing that I used to be an all - round achiever makes me feel worse, but I'm dealing with it.

Feeling like you are a failure is a place I myself have been too. If this is how you are currently feeling then I would like to tell you that even if you've made a lot of mistakes and feel that you've never succeeded at anything, you are still a precious person and that one day you will succeed at something. Believe it or not, you will look back at some of your mistakes and laugh. I can't guarantee that you will laugh at all your mistakes but you will laugh at some of them.

People are not perfect. We set standards but some of them are unrealistic. Everyone is dealing with their own baggage so its unfair for us to hold someone else accountable for "ruining our lives" ( the infamous teenage expression). Its best to forgive, forget and let that be the end. It's not easy.

Hope you aer encouraged to get a move on in life and forget about the past mistakes. You will make new ones but at least you will learn from them ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Love. Some people dread the word. Others can't stop using it. It means different things to different people, but deep down each person wishes to have the kind of  love that makes the sun shine, the birds sing and makes them at peace with the world. Some people actually find this love, others give up trying to find it after they lose they lose the only one they really loved. Sometimes the rain can, well, rain on your parade. Love that makes the sun shine, the birds sing, and makes peace with the world, is out there. I can only hope that you and I don't give up trying to find it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before you ask me where I've been I will tell you. I have been visiting my cousins who have no internet and some other stuff. That and I haven't had any ideas for blog posts. This Friday I will be leaving my lovely home land and going to Indonesia once again. Once there I will not be posting very regularly because I have a bit of schoolwork waiting for me. I would really like to know what you have been doing though, so please leave a comment. Before I close this post I would just like to raise awareness of three South African bands I really like. The first is Prime Circle. They do sing in English so that helps for those of you who don't speak Afrikaans. The second band is Straatligkinders. They are kinda heavy metal-y so they're not everybody's type. And the third is Die Heuwels Fantasties. Please go and check these bands out! I really like them and I'm sure you will too!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

One of my favorite TV series is Chuck. I don't know if any of you watch it but if you don't then you should probably start watching it.
This is what it's about:

Chuck Bartowski accidentally downloaded an Intersect ( it is something that can show you information that you have not learnt) into his brain. Because of this the CIA decided to take him on and train him as a spy. It's hard to explain exactly what the Intersect is but it isn't magic, it's data. Chuck's father ( CIA) invented it. His mother is also CIA and has been missing since Chuck was 9. He tries to find her and then get's himself into a bit of trouble.

I have only seen the third and fourth season but I absolutly love it! It does have some sexual refferences but it's worth watching.

Hope you love it too!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hi there! I now it's been a while but I've kinda had writer's block. Anyway what have you been up to? I came home for a visit and so far I have done absolutely nothing but spend time with my grand-parents. I am my mom's parents only grand-child so it's nice to spend time with them. I just wanted to write something since I was about to tell someone else to post something and then I remembered that I haven't posted in a while either.

Have a great summer!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is one of my favorite dance performances. The dancers are Ellenore and Jakob ( I don't know their last names) from season 6 of  So You Think You Can Dance. I wish I could dance like this!! Tell me what you think!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Micro Expressions

A Micro Expressions " a brief, involuntary facial expression shown on the face of humans according to emotions experienced. They usually occur in high-stakes situations, where people have something to lose or gain. Unlike regular facial expressions, it is difficult to fake microexpressions. Microexpressions express the seven universal emotions: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise, and contempt. However in the 1990s Paul Ekman expanded this list of basic emotions, including a range of positive and negative emotions not all of which are encoded in facial muscles. These emotions are amusement, contempt, embarrassment, excitement, guilt, pride, relief, satisfaction, pleasure, and shame.They are very brief in duration, lasting only 1/25 to 1/15 of a second". - Wikipedia

I didn't know how to explain it so I enlisted the help of Wikipedia. You also have gestures that can be a sign that you are lying and the pitch of your voice also gives away your emotions.

Cool, huh?